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BMW Laramie WY

Looking to buy a BMW or do you want to find out more about the models you love? Get the inside scoop from the informative articles on BMWs you'll find in this section.

2011 BMW 650i Convertible Laramie WY

BMW provides free scheduled maintenance for the first four years or 50,000 miles, so you don’t have to worry about a surprise bill for brake pads, oil changes or scheduled inspections. The new iDrive is not only easier to use than its much-maligned predecessor but manages to be, in fact, likeable in many ways, most notably its graphical presentation.

2011 BMW M6 Laramie WY

The M6 lies at the intersection of supercar, GT and sports coupe. It brings performance and styling cues from all three segments to create a car that is unlike any other on the market, and as such, will only appeal to a very specific – and very affluent – group of consumers.

2011 BMW X6 M Laramie WY

For a giant, clearly compromised vehicle, the X6 M manages to feel surprisingly agile, and the ample turbo torque means massive acceleration is available whenever you please. It’s a fantastic tourer, with very comfortable seats and a supple ride when you want it.