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Ford Barre VT

When buying a new or used car, make sure you do enough research to know which vehicle is best for you. Read the following articles to learn all about the different options Ford has to offer.

Classic Car Rentals Barre VT

We were recently given a chance to get up close and personal with ‘Tin Lizzie’ during a visit to the Ford Model T Centennial Celebration in Richmond, Indiana, cleverly titled the Model T Party. As attendees of what will go down as the largest Model T collection we’re likely to see in our lifetime, we were given the opportunity to learn to drive ‘the car that started it all’ by many an enthusiastic owner.

Pony Car Milestones from 1964-74 Barre VT

Ford, now under the control of Henry’s grandson, H.F. II, was in the best position to do this and started working on its own two-seater, which emerged as the stylish “personal” 1955 Thunderbird.