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Anderson Bros. Ford
(708) 795-7900
6539 West Ogden Ave
Berwyn, IL
Al Piemonte Ford Sales Inc
(708) 345-9300
2500 W. North Ave.
Melrose Park, IL
Metro Ford Sales & Service, Inc.
(773) 776-7600
6455 South Western
Chicago, IL
Willowbrook Ford Inc
(630) 405-8044
7301 South Kingery Hwy
Willowbrook, IL
Bill Kay Ford, Inc.
(708) 388-3000
14633 South Cicero Ave.
Midlothian, IL
Joe Rizza Ford Lincoln Mercury
(888) 290-4429
2100 S Harlem Ave
N Riverside, IL
Westfield Ford Saleen Inc.
(708) 354-8600
6200 South Lagrange Road
La Grange, IL
Hawk Ford Of Oak Lawn
(708) 599-6000
6100 W. 95th Street
Oak Lawn, IL
McCarthy Ford, Inc.
(773) 239-7900
11400 S. Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL
Golf Mill Motor Sales, Inc.
(847) 470-9800
9401 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Niles, IL

2011 Ford Fiesta

May 12, 2010 by Brian Alexander, Road Test Editor

2011 Ford Fiesta 1

DriverSide Overview
For a long time in North America, subcompacts didn’t offer much beyond high fuel economy and a low price tag. Options sheets were limited to a few comforts such as air conditioning, cabins were utterly devoid of technology and cool wheels were completely off the menu. Those days are officially gone with the arrival of the 2011 Ford Fiesta. The combination of downsizers and twenty-somethings that possess no small car stigma has finally created a market for a high tech, lightweight, fuel-efficient and affordable subcompact on our side of the pond. Not that the car’s performance in Europe should be overlooked – so far it is the market’s top seller for 2010. Sometimes, however, a few things get lost in translation on the trip across the Atlantic. And if a glance at the spec sheet doesn’t convince you that little has been changed in the name of localization – a six-speed dual-clutch automatic and engine capable of 40-plus mpg will catch your eye – a quick stint behind the wheel will assure you that this is, in fact, a lithe, nimble and truly involving vehicle. What’s more, it is primarily being marketed as a hatchback , proving that truly, the game has changed.

What's to Like
Efficiency is the Fiesta’s primary selling point, and at 40 mpg, it’s hard to argue with it, especially when you consider the low base price. Ford is also offering a lot of proper, premium technology in a small package, such as a fuel-saving dual-clutch transmission, an LCD display and voice-activated SYNC audio control.
What's Not to Like
Drum brakes in the rear don’t exactly fit well with the Fiesta’s upmarket mission statement, but they do work well. No ability to select gears manually in the automatic transmission aside from Drive and Low.
The Drive: 
DriverSide Driving Impressions
Lithe and full of character, the Fiesta is a great drive whether sedately cruising along or being wrung within an inch of its life. The quick helm exhibits good steering feel for an electronic power assist (EPAS) system, and the suspension is firm yet surprisingly compliant over bumps and potholes. The engine needs to be revved to make power, but the upside is fantastic fuel economy. Still, passing needs to be well planned, and a turbo version in the future would be much appreciated. Unfortunately, aside from ‘Drive’ and ‘Low’, drivers can’t select gears with the PowerShift dual-clutch transmission, which would be ok if it didn’t feel as if it were constantly searching for the proper ratio on anything but a perfectly flat stretch of road. Of course, there is a perfectly good five-speed manual available if you really want to have...

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