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Local resource for auto body shops in Tullahoma. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to auto body shops that offer collision repair, auto body repair work, auto painting, dent repair and auto body surface repair, as well as advice on auto body repair.

North Jackson Tire Shop
(931) 455-8592
2009 N Jackson Street
Tullahoma, TN
Oil Change and Lube

Performance Plus Custom Exhst
(931) 455-0004
800 S Anderson Street
Tullahoma, TN
Mufflers Repair

Clarks Quality Transmission
(931) 455-5006
3400 Ridgeville Road
Tullahoma, TN
Carricks Detail Shop
(931) 455-6606
800 S Anderson Street
Tullahoma, TN
Car Detailing,Interior Cleaning,Interior Repair

Amelang Wheel Alignment
(931) 455-5642
500 W Lincoln Street
Tullahoma, TN
Tire Balancing

Four Seasons Boat and RV Storage
(931) 454-0777
4396 Awalt Road
Tullahoma, TN
RV and Camper Repair

Serve and Go Market
(931) 461-5146
2151 N Jackson Street
Tullahoma, TN
Service Stations,Gas Stations,Convenience Stores

Express Car Wash and Detail
(931) 455-0109
415 Wilson Avenue
Tullahoma, TN
Car Detailing

Chuck''s Collision Center
(931) 455-8282
715 S Washington St
Tullahoma, TN
Auto Body

Tullahoma Transmission Service
(931) 455-9460
512 W Lincoln Street
Tullahoma, TN

Body Shop

How To Choose A Body Shop By Zach Bowman

Odds are you're going to get into a fender bender and need some automotive body work done at least once in your vehicle's life. Colliding with another car or hitting an immobile object is never a pleasant experience, but taking your time and doing a little research when it happens can ensure that the repair process is as painless and, most of all, as least expensive as possible.

If you're able to drive your car home from the accident (after talking to the police), park it and take a breath. You'll want to get the vehicle's damage repaired as soon as possible, but rushing into an unknown shop is the last thing you want to do.

Our advice is to check DriverSide 's " Service You Car " section to your left. In it, you'll find ratings and reviews of local auto shops - a perfect way to make sure you're getting a quality mechanic to look at your vehicle. There's nothing worse than cold-calling and hoping you'll end up at a place that knows what it is doing.

Once you find one that looks promising, give them a call and ask questions like how long they've been in business, how experienced their team is, if they guarantee their work and whether they use stock replacement or aftermarket parts.

A better indication is the type of work they do, so if you've got the time, ask to come by and see some of their finished products. If they're leery of you poking around, it might be a sign to take your business elsewhere.

The shop should be willing to put you in touch with someone whose vehicle they've worked on in the past. When you get to speak to someone, ask if they were kept up to date on any delays, if they were satisfied with the work and if all of their questions were answered. Obviously, a shop isn't going to put you in contact with a problem customer, but this will at least give you an idea of what to expect from them.

If your car is immobilized by an accident, you may feel like you're at the mercy of the tow truck driver and what they suggest. It's not uncommon for body shops to charge high daily storage fees for vehicles they haven't been contracted to work with, so every day you spend researching the shop will put a small dent in your wallet.

The only other option is to have your crippled ride towed to your home, then re-towed to the shop of your choosing once you've done your research. Neither is an ideal situation, but the quality of post accident body work can mean a difference of hundreds of dollars in resale value in your car.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of taking a day or two to research a shop. If this is the case, contacting your local Better Business Bureau to see if anyone has lodged formal complaints against your potential shop isn't a bad option. Once you've done that, go with your gut feeling. If anything about the shop in question makes you uncomfortable (other than the thought of spending last month's pay) take the car elsewhere.

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