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Michael Brittenham Ins Agcy In - State Farm Insurance Agent
(402) 564-4300
2320 23rd Street Ste A
Columbus, NE
James E Pile
(402) 564-3311
1354 27th Ave
Columbus, NE
Bankers Life and Casualty CO
(402) 493-4330
2460 18th Avenue
Columbus, NE
Farm Bureau Insurance
(402) 562-7777
2921 23rd Street
Columbus, NE
State Farm Insurance Agent
(402) 564-3922
1570 38th Avenue
Columbus, NE
Sanders- Barbara L - State Farm Insurance Agent
(402) 564-8581
3220 19th Street
Columbus, NE
Stempek- Shelley - State Farm Insurance Agent
(402) 564-5512
1570 38th Avenue
Columbus, NE
Davidson- Roland D - State Farm Insurance Agent
(402) 564-5512
1570 38th Avenue
Columbus, NE
Eberhart Jack
(402) 564-0558
3309 31st Street
Columbus, NE
Gateway Realty-Gmac Real Estate
(402) 564-1457
1668 33rd Avenue
Columbus, NE

Car Insurance

How To Save Money On Auto Insurance By Brian Alexander, Road Test Editor

The best way to save on your automotive policy is to be a careful driver. The reason being, the longer you go without a claim on your record, the lower your insurance policy will be. Simple as that. Each time you decide you want to bomb three lanes to get to the exit without checking to see if your path’s clear, think about how much more your insurance company will be charging you after you’ve side-swiped a new Jaguar.
If you get a ticket, look into your local laws. Most states and insurance companies allow you to complete a driver education course to lower either the number of points on your driving record or the amount you pay for insurance. It’s a terrible way to spend eight hours of your weekend, but well worth it. Most state DMV websites list certified courses and their phone numbers, and some even allow you to take the exam online.

The type of car you drive will have an effect on you policy as well. Insurance companies factor in everything from vehicle size to horsepower and number of airbags, so always call and check before you sign the pink slip on a new car. 
Your deductible also has a bearing on the final tally of your payment. If you opted for a low deductible in the event of an accident when you bought your policy, and think you can keep yourself from swapping paint with another driver, upping the amount you agree to pay can bring your monthly bill down to a bearable size.
Recognize what kind of policy your vehicle requires and act accordingly. While your straight-from-the-showroom sports car may need all the coverage it can get, you can probably lower the amount of coverage on your 10-year-old commuter. If you're paying more in insurance each year than what the car is worth, it might be a good idea to take the policy down a notch or two.

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