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Local resource for brakes in Garden City. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to brake services, brake repair and brake maintenance, as well as advice on brake jobs and brake systems.

A-1 Sign Co
(620) 275-6551
140 N Industrial Dr
Garden City, KS
Auto Body

Express Lube
(620) 271-9900
1811 E Kansas Plz
Garden City, KS
Oil Change and Lube

Eclipse Detailing
(620) 275-4810
124 Anderson Street
Garden City, KS
Auto Glass Repair

Jakes Radiator Service
(620) 276-6631
610 W Fulton Street
Garden City, KS
Radiator Repair

Pro Tek Dent and Windshield Repair
(620) 272-2918
106 Anderson Street
Garden City, KS
Auto Glass Repair,Paintless Dent Repair,Truck Auto Body

Sound Decision
(620) 271-7446
1012 W Mary Street
Garden City, KS
Auto Glass Repair,Audio and Video Installation

Garden City Truck Wash Inc
(620) 277-2911
3635 Jones Avenue
Garden City, KS
Truck Detailing

MI Rumba
(620) 272-0349
3001 Prairie Avenue
Garden City, KS
Audio and Video Installation

Jimmys Repair
(620) 272-9700
1804 E Fulton Plaza
Garden City, KS
AC and Heating Repair

Radiator City
(620) 275-0177
313 N Vfw Road
Garden City, KS
Radiator Repair


How to Save Money on Brakes By Zach Bowman, DriverSide Contributing Editor

It’s no secret your vehicle’s brakes are an essential safety system. With complex hydraulic mechanisms and plenty of parts that need replacing on a regular basis, it’s always tempting to put off your brake service as long as possible to save a few pennies. The truth is, failing to keep up with routine maintenance is a sure-fire way to cause yourself extra headaches in the future. That doesn’t mean you can’t try to reduce the cost of this necessity. Check out DriverSide’s list of great ways to save money on your vehicle’s brakes.
Keep Up With Maintenance
Make sure you do all of your brake maintenance on time. Failing to do so can cause damage to expensive parts, sticking you with a hefty bill. For example, it’s easy to overlook replacing you vehicle’s brake fluid, but if you skip the job for a long time, you could cause damage to your brake lines, calipers and your proportioning valve. Replacing all of those parts could cost well over $1,000, whereas bleeding your brake system shouldn’t cost more than $50.
Use Quality Parts
It may be tempting to go for the cheapest parts possible when picking up new bits for your car, but the truth is lackluster replacement parts fail quicker than their name-brand counterparts. Rotors from Mexico may cost as little as $30, whereas a quality example may be closer to $60, but if you have to replace the $30 rotor three times as often, you’ve lost any money you gained in the first place. Do yourself a favor and pick up OEM or mechanic-recommended equipmen t.
Change Your Driving Habits
More than anything else you can do, changing how you drive will save you tons on your vehicle’s brake costs. Slowing down earlier, not coming to abrupt stops and not riding the brakes will go a long way toward making your car’s equipment last longer than it otherwise would.
Ask if Your Calipers Can Be Rebuilt
If you haven’t taken the best care of your brake system and your mechanic tells you the vehicle will need a new caliper, ask if it can simply be rebuilt instead. In most cases, rebuild kits cost around $30 and the job doesn’t take very long. Compare that to over $100 for a caliper on most cars, and you can see the savings.

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