Shock Absorbers Replacement Georgetown SC

Looking for Shock Absorbers Replacement in Georgetown? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Georgetown that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Shock Absorbers Replacement in Georgetown.

First Vehicle Services-Georgetown
(843) 546-5708
2242 Browns Ferry Road
Georgetown, SC
Blue Seal Certified
Membership Organizations
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

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Georgetown Golf Cars
(843) 520-0759
1929 South Fraser Street
Georgetown, SC
Electric Car Repair

Costal Auto Body and Glass
(843) 546-0220
2507 Highmarket Street
Georgetown, SC
Collision Repair

Harolds Car Care
(843) 546-7882
1027 Church St
Georgetown, SC
Appearance and Protection,Interior Cleaning

Tidelands Chrysler Jeep Dodge
(843) 546-6174
507 Church St
Georgetown, SC
Emissions Testing,Fuel Injection Repair,Radiator Repair,Tune up Repair

Smith Brothers Automatic Transmission Service
(843) 546-7954
3792 Highmarket Street
Georgetown, SC
Aamco Transmissions
(843) 546-0652
Georgetown, SC
Southern Racing Motor Sports
(843) 546-7223
829 Front Street, # D
Georgetown, SC
RV and Camper Repair

Georgetown Glass
(843) 546-1597
1009 Pyatt Street
Georgetown, SC
Auto Glass Repair

Firestone Auto Center
(843) 546-4196
2719 Highmarket St
Georgetown, SC
Tire Shops

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Replacing Shock Absorbers

By DriverSide Staff

Tires may be the only part of a vehicle that physically meets the road, but your shock absorbers are next in line. Working with the suspension springs, they absorb shocks from bumps and cracks in the road, while simultaneously controlling bounce and body roll. 
Depending on what vehicle you drive and your driving habits, shocks tend to wear out after about 60-90K miles. A completely blown shock absorber is very easy to diagnose; your car will have to ride only on the suspension springs, which causes excessive bouncing. If you push down on the vehicle while it’s parked, you’ll see more than a single gyration. A slightly worn shock will be less obvious, but you will eventually notice degraded ride quality.
Aside from the lack of comfort and control, a worn shock will also cause accelerated tire wear, and in some cases, an increase in stopping distance.
Depending on your vehicle, shocks are usually an easy-to-medium level repair in terms of cost and difficulty. The replacement parts tend to be reasonably priced, and there may even be some upgraded components available if you want to improve the driving dynamics. Replacing the shocks will require some dismantling of the suspension system, so expect a few hours of labor to be quoted, though every vehicle is different in this respect.


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